Do you Loan your employees money? Would you like to with No Liability?  We have recently partnered with FinFit and we are hoping to aid companies that feel obligated to assist their employees in crisis with an advance on their paycheck. 

  FinFit is a national financial wellness organization that allows companies to outsource the process of payroll advances, seamlessly.  Their primary goal is to financially educate employees and to offer a simple, non-predatory, fair loan that your employees can use when one of life’s little emergencies arise.  FinFit will equip your employees with an alternative to high cost credit all while educating them to live within their means.

This bold and innovative benefit is No Cost, No Liability with Minimal to ZERO Maintenance.

 Here's all you do to enroll your company:

  1. Go FinFit
  • Click on blue Create Company Account and complete requested information

  With the majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, we feel that we can make a positive impact on their lives. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us